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              YOU'RE MADE READY
              AND SO ARE WE

              At Citizens Bank, we recognize that the journey to accomplishment is no longer linear and that individuals are made of all they have done and all they are going to do.

              That’s why we’re committed to providing solutions and expertise that support our customers, clients, and communities on what’s next in their own unique journey.
              You’re made ready and so are we.™

              READY FOR

              READY FOR

              READY FOR

              READY FOR

              READY FOR

              • Questlove is
                Made Ready

                Questlove is Made Ready by owning his experiences and embracing the opportunities that come his way. Learn more about his journey through our partnership with Vulture.

              • What's your
                Made Ready persona?

                Are you a Warrior, an Advocate, a Visionary, or a Creator? Take our Made Ready quiz to discover what you're made of and share results to your social profiles!

              WHAT ARE YOU MADE OF?

              Questlove’s journey is always evolving. And Citizens Bank knows yours is too. Wherever your journey takes you, Citizens Bank is here for you along the way.


              Wherever your journey takes you, Citizens Bank is here for you along the way.

              Made Ready Stories

              Everyone has their own journey, and it’s our experiences that make us ready for who we are today,
              and who we’ll be tomorrow.

              • Adrian Read
                Had to Do This

                Guitarist Adrian Read dealt with many bumps in the road to live out his rock star dream. But thanks to his mother and Adrian’s eye for his passions, he’ll always end up right where he needs to be.

              • Furaha Moye
                Is Done Wasting Time

                Furaha Moye is Made Ready. She moved to New York City at age 50 to pursue a career in acting. But to get to that point, she needed a lot of things to go her way. You could call it luck, but Furaha believes her energy had a lot to do with it.

              • Robert Rodriguez
                Refuses to Rest

                Robert Rodriguez is Made Ready. He had his right leg amputated when he was 10 months old, and for so long, he kept it hidden. Now, he uses these experiences to spread a universal message:
                Everyone is capable of so much.

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